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The Undergraduate UMass Boston GSSP is the first year of a bachelor’s degree program at UMass Boston. GSSP consists of for-credit coursework and provides an academic and cultural bridge from your high school experience to studying at a university in the United States. When you successfully complete the UMass Boston GSSP, you will progress directly into the second year of your undergraduate degree program.

When students enter Undergraduate GSSP, based on the admission criteria, they can be either placed into 2-semester GSSP, 3-semester GSSP, 3-semester GSSP with Academic English or full-time ESL. To see the admission requirements, please visit the Undergraduate Entry Requirements page.

Once students are admitted as 2-semester or 3-semester GSSP, they are admitted as an UMass Boston Freshman in GSSP. Students are matriculated student who have access to all on-campus resources and the opportunity to pursue a range of undergraduate majors.

Below is a selection of available undergraduate colleges at UMass Boston. Under each colleges, there are wide range of majors you can choose from. If you want to obtain more information about certain majors, please email

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